Rehabilitation of drug addicts in Yaroslavl takes place in the modern rehabilitation center of the European level of service. This stage of full-fledged treatment of drug dependence is compulsory and indisputable. Only on the results of its passage depends the quality of recovery and the disposal of psychological craving for drugs. The basis of all procedures of the rehabilitation course of our institution consists in the integrated selection of effective and restorative psychotherapy that will help a person realize, reevaluate and rethink his own values ​​and priorities, and also make adjustments to his relationship of drug addiction.

The rehabilitation center for drug addicts has many years of practice with drug addicts of different experience of using surfactants and their varieties, including the newest and newly developed ones. The lighthouse treatment happens to be the best deal there.

They provide patients with qualified narcological care from experienced narcologists and rehabilitators working to eliminate relapse of the disease in the future. The rehabilitation program is based on proven methods and techniques based on the own development and practice of world narcology.

Neglecting the recovery phase of treatment can be expensive and the efforts spent on treatment can be empty. Only rehabilitation will help fully to get rid of drug addiction and overcome psychological attachment to surfactants.

Do not know how to persuade someone close to begin treatment?

Rehabilitation center for drug addicts

Anonymous drug treatment center of closed type uses in its daily practical activities the “12 steps” program, which gives a lasting result and is tested for years of use. The program consists of stages of psychocorrection of drug addicts, which are carried out in a certain sequence and allow the patient to become ready for a full return to society.

Medical rehabilitation of drug addicts

In the process of drug rehabilitation, patients undergo a series of activities that involve taking sedatives and vitamins, which will allow them to properly perceive information and psychological attitudes of specialists without becoming irritated or showing aggression.

Social rehabilitation

Specialists work daily to develop a patient’s persistent voluntary motivation to refrain from using drugs, adjusting their attitude towards surfactants. In the process of social rehabilitation, the addict normalizes personal qualities, awakens a healthy attitude and common interest in life, a sense of responsibility for one’s own life and respect for others. A person becomes ready to join a society, adopting a new way of life and circle of acquaintances, and also, promptly starting to build a healthy future.

We give all guarantees for a positive result and avoid relapse in the future. In our work we not only use the digestive methods of narcology for rehabilitation, but we also find the true reasons for the emergence of dependence, which helps to understand the situation and fully eradicate the problem in the course of the rehabilitation course. The terms of the programs can vary and last from six months to one year of the drug addict’s stay in the narcological rehabilitation center.