The 2018 Para World Sailing Championship will be organized in Sheboygan. It is indeed the highest level of race for disabled sailors in the world and will help to decide if sailing will be a part of the future Paralympics Games. The sailing event will be held for a week starting from 16th of September until the 22nd. The event will be hosted on Lake Michigan and 3 courses would be there at the South Pier, North Pier and North Beach. If you are not sure of what Para world sailing is all about, read below to understand the basics.

The Para World Sailing Race is an annual multi-class railing competition organized for disabled sailors by World Sailing. Well, sailing is one of the few games wherein Para sailors as well as able-bodied sailors can take part equally. It is in fact one of the main sports in which people with any kind of disability can take part in the competition. Fleet racing (like the extreme sailing series) is considered as the common type of sailing which includes boats trying to race across the course. It can be either handicap or one design. In addition to fleet racing, other types of races include team racing and match racing.

As far as the race held in Sheboygan is concerned, it will be made available for viewers through every public beach section in Sheboygan. The in-charge of the championship is World Sailing and it’s based in London. The competition is mainly hosted by SEAS (Sail Sheboygan & the Sailing Education Association of Sheboygan).

There will be over 100 sailors from several nations across the globe at the Para World Championship. There will be sailors and coaches as well with 3 kinds of boats racing on different courses in Lake Michigan. This is one of the most prestigious events for disabled sailors that boost the confidence of people with different types of disabilities.