There is a great misconception about the similarities between flag football and regular American football. The fact that the equipment’s used by the players are very similar in appearance does not help the confusion that is brought forth from this sport. Some of the most obvious differences between the two sports would be the fact that there is no tackling involved during the flag football match. Most of the players wear flags that hang down at their sides usually fastened from belts worn around the waist.



The Differences Between Flag Football And American Football


There are notable football players such as Kevin Sheehan that would be more knowledgeable when it comes to the differences between certain sports. Though he is no longer in the football field he still has a good understanding of what it entails and what the main goals are. One of the most remarkable differences when it comes to flag football and American football is the fact that tackling is non-existent within flag football. What typically happens during a flag football match is that there are six players within a field. They usually begin the match with a draw in order to determine the team that will be starting with the ball. That team will start with the ball at line ten whiles having four tries to get to the center of the complete field and three additional tries to get to the goal zone where they will eventually score for their team. In the event that the other team takes the ball from them, it will be considered an interception and the other team will then have the opportunity to score into the other goal. Given the excitement of tackling during the American football matches they must then replace the physical contact part with something that is also as exciting and fun. They have used the flags as a replacement where the players are equipped with a belt with flags attached on the side. When a player is running through the field and comes across another player, the opposing team can simply rip the flag from the side instead of tackling and from there the player will have to stop and they will have to realign the players.


The Equipment To Be Worn

The first equipment on the list would definitely be the flag belt as that is the main source of the fun of the game. Without that the game is pointless. A football is also very much required for scoring purposes. The players will be required to throw the football into the goal once the approach it. Kevin was particularly skilled in making goals with the actual football. Jerseys are also required in order to represent the team at hand. Two types of jerseys will be required for clear distinction between both teams.