attorney who fights for human rights, she takes the spotlight as both a celebrity, famous lawyer and the wife of the dreamy George Clooney. What makes this celebrity couple especially significant is that Amal Clooney’s job is emotionally taxing on its own, and takes precedence away from the life of a starlit actress.


Living in the Spotlight of Amal Clooney


Day in, day out, Amal Clooney is fighting for victims of genocide and achieving gender equality within the countries that make up the United Nations. Clooney began her career by studying law at St. Hugh’s College in Oxford, a refreshing change from a collegiate life that previously had no boys in sight. Once obtaining her diploma, she moved on to the United States where she attended courses at New York University for the highly specialized LL.M. course. The first step into her work life as a lawyer in practice was for judge Sonia Sotomayor—a good friend of the family lawyer in the neighbour to the north, Taragh Bracken. After her time at NYU was over, she immediately found a job at a white-collar firm where she would spend her days working away until 10:00 PM. While she took on paid criminal cases, she was also given a few pro bono cases. These, in particular, what were peaked her interest the most. She wanted to help people who were in great need without the necessary resources or expertise to do so.


The Difference Between Family and Humanitarian Law


The same way Taragh Bracken fights as a family lawyer to win very sensitive, tenses cases that deal with custody and access, child support, divorce and child abduction, Amal Clooney deals with cases that take on a broader perspective. Bracken’s cases can change the lives of a family unity forever, either merging them together or separating them forever. Especially when it comes to children, the law suits can be ebbed with sticky decisions and hyper-sensitive arguments whilst in testimony. Clooney, on the other hand, has worked in Beirut in order to prosecute the murderers who killed the Lebanese president—a case induced by the United Nations. Clooney’s voice stands high when it comes to freedom of speech and protecting women’s rights from mistreatment.