Summer time may have brought you the bliss of a surprise engagement. You and your beloved partner had booked a much-anticipated trip to Italy… One of your favorite places in the entire world. From the food, to the history and the rich art, you’d live in Italy if you could. And now you’re finally engaged, soon-to-be-married! This special time in your life can be tough to enjoy as you start to prep a year in advance for your wedding. Scouting out the best venues in your city can be hard to go by, and saying yes to the dress may come with a great amount of pressure. Taragh Bracken, the revered family lawyer in Whitby, has seen the woes of an engaged couple that doesn’t find enough time to invest in one another. It can be detrimental come the time of the matrimonial ceremony if you don’t take care.


Prep for Marriage by Asking the Right Questions

When you’re about to tie the knot is exactly when you and your fiancée should begin asking tough questions. You need to start having difficult conversations that span over your timeline for starting a family and your allocation of finances. Boundaries in terms of spending time with your friends and the roles that your family members will play in your married life. Some financial questions that Bracken believes are a must in a new engagement are discussing whether you should each have separate splurge accounts so that you don’t need to worry about counseling each other every time you want to make a purchase on that $1,000 guitar or that Balenciaga purse you’ve been eyeing for a few years now. Or perhaps you prefer to create joint accounts with a budget for splurge items and consultations when a high investment option comes into play. Negotiate with each other fairly to avoid unfair play.


Take Care of Your Health

It’s a given that the bride-to-be is going to spend more time than ever in the gym sculpting that perfect wedding day body. Perhaps she’ll hire a personal trainer to make sure she reaches all her goals on time, with the consistent motivation to do so. Sometimes the bride-to-be will start fad diets in order to reach their optimal weight, which is something that Bracken does not recommend. Your mental and spiritual health is pivotal to creating health long-term habits. Leading a healthy diet where you are eating fresh produce is the best way to achieve your best health. Focus on loving yourself instead of investing your money and time into diets that will make you feel crankier and at a grave energy deficit. You and your fiancée should invest in a few spa days to take mental breaths from working full-time, organizing your future and also planning a wedding. A mini vacation a few weeks before the wedding also doesn’t hurt.